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My day in court

So my day started off with my dental consultation. It was practically useless. The dentist ended up reconmmending me to a specialist by my house because my teeth are, for a lack of a better word, fucked up. So I have an appointment next saturday at 10:30. Good news is that they didn’t charge me […]

Nerves on edge

So I woke up and snoozed! Then I woke up and quickly got ready and then i had to time my bus stop since it doesn’t give me a time on the schedule… I ended up leaving at 9:12 and the bus was right there!! Ahhh! I had to cross multiple intersection crossings to catch […]

Nobody said it’d be easy

The weekend didn’t start off on the best of notes. I think it was alot of pent up negative neergy thatt finally finally blew up in our faces. It was such an empty feeling knowing that we were broken up. Even if it was just for a day. I thought it was necessary that I […]