Annie & Andre are currently in a long distance relationship (300km apart-2hours) and is using this blog to tell each other about their days, random pictures, and to document their adventures together. It’s been really hard with such different schedules (we’re always SO busy) so this blog is helping us stay strong. Here’s a little bit about each other!

Annie is a photographer who is doing her Master’s of Education. She’s worked with organizations such as Free the Children, International Fuller Women Expo and Kollaboration Toronto. Andre is working full-time as a digital media writer and part-time at Metro Toronto newspaper. He’s worked with AM640 Toronto, Rogers television and he’s also a videographer for boi-1da blog. Together, they like going for hikes and traveling. He cooks, she cleans. He jokes, she scolds.

Monty is their 10 week old puppy! He’s a Jack Russel – German Shepard – Boxer mix! He’s a very active baby who still likes to bite and is still trying to learn. Andre’s taking Monty to an obedience class on Nov 18, and we are hoping for smooth sailing and training from there. He can already sit and paw!

Thank you for visiting and we hope that you enjoy our stories!


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