My day in court

So my day started off with my dental consultation. It was practically useless. The dentist ended up reconmmending me to a specialist by my house because my teeth are, for a lack of a better word, fucked up. So I have an appointment next saturday at 10:30. Good news is that they didn’t charge me for the consultation today. 

After the dentist I went home hung out with Monty and ate these salmon balls (they’re like meatballs but salmon) that my mom got at costco i think. I watched some netflix because i hacked my ps3 so it can get the U.S. version which is like 10 times better. I’m currently watching this reality/documentary show on David Chang (the founder of Momofoku). It’s pretty cool and it made me wanna try cooking ramen.

So court was pretty brutal. The whole process took like 1.5 hours because there’s so much waiting. There were 20 otther people who were pleading guilty to their charges and when they called my name I had to walk up in front of the microphone I had to state my name. Then the judge read out my charges and aske how I was pleaing. I said “guilty”. I felt like such a criminal. Then I had to wait another 20 minutes in line to pay for my ticket. This was not what I had in my mind for a day off!

It’s gonna be a long day tomorrow…

I miss you 😦


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