Nerves on edge

So I woke up and snoozed! Then I woke up and quickly got ready and then i had to time my bus stop since it doesn’t give me a time on the schedule… I ended up leaving at 9:12 and the bus was right there!! Ahhh! I had to cross multiple intersection crossings to catch it lol. I even waved him down and he was already on his way but he stopped. Then I got to my second stop in no time and right across the intersection was my second bus! So I ran to my second stop! Then it was smooth sailing from there. I am at work now. Almost 40 minutes early! I wanted to go buy my sisters sweater to kill time but I have no where to put it… I don’t wanna put it in the office or anything. I also don’t think I have the proper shoes for work here. They do like indoor and outdoor shoes here and I don’t really wanna switch my shoes here like that.

Anyway I am done at 7! Yay! But I will get home around 8pm. Then tomorrow I work 12-8:30 then Thursday I have to bus to my school to pick up my winter bus pass. And prob do my chores like laundry or clean or something. Friday I have off as well. But then I work the entire weekend! Here I will just tell you my schedule

Today 10:30-7
Wednesday 12-8:30
Saturday 10:30-7 (Costco closes at 7 for holidays!)
Sunday 10-6:30 (Costco closes at 6 for holidays!)
Tuesday 10-5:30
Friday 4-9
Saturday 1-6

Me so sleepy. I made some earl grey berry tea the one I bought from Costco awhile ago.

But ya I hope u have a good day. I can’t wait for this day to be over blahhh


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