Nobody said it’d be easy

The weekend didn’t start off on the best of notes. I think it was alot of pent up negative neergy thatt finally finally blew up in our faces. It was such an empty feeling knowing that we were broken up. Even if it was just for a day. I thought it was necessary that I made the trip to London to try to iron out our relationship. There’s just to o much at stake to just throw everything away over things we can fix. We had a good talk and laid everything out on the table. I know she’s trying to find happiniess within herself. And sometimes I think, who am i to tell someone that they’ll figure out. Maybe I don’t realize my self how hard it is. 

I felt much more reassured about our relationship and I’m hoping we can always keep the lines of communication open when it comes to how we feel and if we have a problem with each other. 

The next day I dropped Annie off at work. It kinda sucked spending the whole day without her but I tried my best t amke due. I took Monty to the dog park for 30 minutes before he got tired/ I tried to buy some snowboot but there just wern’t any that I liked at Winners. So i just picked up a stylus pen for Annie. Then I went to Metro cause i wanted to cook dinner for us. I stopped by the Timmies there and got the pack of tea taht she liked. I wish I had done that sooner becasue I know she’s been asking for them. 

II picked up  a card and put all the stuff under her tree cause I know she says that there’s nothing under it and it made me really sad when  she said it. I jhate seeing her cry. Parrt of me doesn;t know what to do with someone who is in such a vulnerble state. I’m scared that i will make it worse. 

I’m glad we settled everything and I’m going to miss her all week while she works. I  wish I could drive her. 


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