A taste of married life?

The Christmas party in London was a success. We ate well, drank well and I sucked terribly at Monopoly Deal. But good thing I made up for it with my inhuman Tabboo skills. We stayed pretty late and I got pretty sleepy during the drive home but it felt pretty fast. We spent the night together at my house it felt really good to wake up to the one i love 🙂 I could so get used to it. 


On Monday, we went to PetsMart and watched Monty’s training class. We were teaching him the leave it and drop it commmand and my voice started to hurt. He’s starting to get rebellious and I need to find a way to set him straight without escelating the behaviour. We stayed up watching Orange is the new Black. 

Today I did some volunteering at the food bank. It honestly felt good being able to help out when I can. When they announced the total numbers, they said we helped 330 people get food. That felt really rewarding. It was a good experience and a throwback to the Costco days. Speaking of which, we went to visit some old peeps from 526 at the new building. It was nice seeing that they seemed happy for the most part. The place is friggin ginormous. We had sushi later and it grew a baby inside of me after. I’m always so glutenous when it comes to AYCE. 

This weekend we’re gonna take Annie’s parents out to eat for Christmas and back to London 🙂 

I love watching shows or reading before bed with you by my side and saying good morning to you when we wake up. And you telling me to have a great day before I leave for work. I’m gonna miss all of that 😦


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