Walk this way!

Oh Mondays…How I don’t them at all. It’s shaping up to be a busy week again at work before my boss finally returns. I have a construction conventiont to got to on Thursday which shouldn’t be too bad. Apparently there’s a lot of free stuff to be had. 

 Today Monty had his second day of puppy school. He was very social today and playing with all of the dogs. It’s funny to think, that only a few weeks ago he was so quiet and shy in front of other dogs and now he just wants to play. 

Today we learned how to walk properly so we just did walking excercises around the store. Monty is getting the hang of it but he still has work to do. Pam teaches us not to tug or pull at the leash to to just stop and let the dog know he’s not going anywhere if he pulls the leash. Then she showed us some of the different collars and showed us the choke collars which hurt the dog. She doesn’t know why they even still sell it. 

I miss you and thinkng that I still have to go through another week before seeing you suckksss 😦


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