Happy 1st of December!

On Saturday morning, Andre showed up with a bouquet of roses! It was a very nice surprise that brought my spirits up high! His reason was “just because it was Saturday.” Such a sweetheart! For the rest of the day, he supported me while I wrote my stupid school paper and cooked a delicious lasagna dinner! I couldn’t even taste the yucky whole wheat! Then we watched the hockey game as well as watching A Christmas Story. I wonder if I am truly super deprived… Everything is always new to me or unknown.

The next day we were up and at it for a super busy day of shopping and spoiling monty… I’m starting to think he doesn’t understand the meaning of money as well as living a 50 cent gangsta lifestyle. But I really enjoyed spending all that money today…. Actually I think the feeling of giving was enjoyable! Andre is always super generous!

Then I wrapped presents and Andre cooked some crab cakes which were delicious! I swear everything he cooks is so good! Then Andre helped with my website and then he had to leave. I miss him dearly and I miss monty. I wish the weekend would come sooner!








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