Monty’s official first day of school

So before we get to Monty’s first day, let’s talk about my day at work.

Today was pretty much my boss’ last full day at work before he’s off for his wedding. He was basically making last minute arrangements and stuff and telling me that if I ever get married, to look at the fine print when booking a venue. Apparently he got charged $3000 in service charges. So he was pretty pissed about that. He says that him and his fiancee have been stressing out as the day gets closer but he knows they just have to let everything go and just stop worrying so much.

Tomrrow we’re all going to surprise him with a congratualatory cake and card.

Now, on to Monty’s first day. So when I got to Petsmart there was a 5-month old female pug. Her and Monty started playing and she kept sticking her butt out to him. Apparently it was an invititation to get some of the D. The trainer said she was on the verge of sexualy maturity and told the owners to get her fixed. Since Monty is pretty much a baby still, he didn’t understand and just wanted to play. Can’t blame her though, Monty is handsome and charming like his daddy.

So the first week’s lesson was basically to sit and make sure that the puppy looks at you whenever you call. It’s a really small class with jsut two other puppies. We had an excercise where we let the puppies play with each other for 8 seconds before calling them and making sure they respond to us. The trainer is really good at making dog noises so that they pay attention. I’m so jelly. She kept telling me to make my voice higher… Then she took us through the store to pretty much recommend some of the appropriate toys and treats. Honestly, Monty was the most calm out of all the dogs. They both wouldn’t stop barking and Monty is just chilling there. I want to take pictures but it’s so hard cause I’m always doing something and I don’t want to look like I’m not paying attention. I wish you could be there with me 😦 The other two were moms with their kids.  So don’t worry no girls hehe.




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