5 years 5 months

I’ve known him for 5 years but we’ve been together officially for 5 months! Here’s the story of how he asked me to be his girlfriend 🙂

He really wanted to take me out to a nice restaurant in the middle of the summer. He came to pick me up dressed up really nicely but I remember his pants were way too tight. But also with a beautiful bouquet of pink roses but I don’t understand why he doesn’t buy the two dozen roses from Costco for super cheap. We got to a little Italian restaurant where supposedly a lot of celebrities have been to which was neat. We were seated right in the middle of two other tables and like always, Andre and I talked about anything and everything over a bottle of wine and fine Italian food. We stayed until both tables to our side left and we were all alone. That’s when Andre reached down and pulled out a little pandora box. He told me he was keeping it in his sock. I had no idea! I opened it and it was a pandora charm with hearts on it. He said, “Annie Tran, will you be my girlfriend?” I said, “yes!” The waiter came after and saw the box and gave us a huge congratulations! But I said no no no we are not engaged lol. It was a cute girlfriend proposal and I’m so happy he did that for me!



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