Every weekend is the best weekend

Only Andre and I would celebrate Christmas in November! He surprised me on Friday night at my doorstep (he was really supposed to visit me on Saturday). That was enough of a gift for me. But of course, he showed up with something that I have been wishing for thousands of years… An iPad! He got me one! With a beautiful case and some accessories too. I absolutely love it and sleep with it by my side!

Then we had a very busy Saturday! But my favorite part was buying my very first Christmas tree and decorated with Andre. It was our very first Christmas tree that we are planning to keep forever for sentimental reasons. It’s a perfect little mini tree with the cutest dollar store decorations 🙂 lol. #Student life

Then today we woke up and started to play karoake on the new iPad! Andre has such a nice rapping voice 😍 and sang a little j cole – crooked smile! It was funny because it made our little guy monty yell at him lol.

Also our little guy is growing up so so so fast! I’m gonna miss his puppy face. He’s already at 3 months!

I can’t wait for next weekend! We are planning to go to an aquarium 🙂

Love you Andre





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