Christmas in November.

So I spent all week searching the streets of kijiji and craigslist for an iPad for my wonderful girlfriend. She’s been wanting one forever and although, Christmas is still a month away, I couldn’t wait that long to see the smile on her face from when she sees it.

I managed to find one on Friday and decided to just surprise her on that day because I’m bad at surprises. I’m just too impatient. 

I was thrilled to see she was happy and that she’s so attached to it. I’m hoping it will help her cope with the loneliness of London. 

We spent the weekend setting up our first little Christmas tree together, filled with cool ornaments from the dollar store. Hopefully it will be the first of many Christmas trees we’ll have.

Monty was pretty well-behaved this weekend, surprisingly. We’re able tto leave him in the car now and he just sleeps. And he also gives us an extra 3 hours of sleep in the morning 🙂 

Drivng home on Sundays are always hard for me, but I find comfort that she’ll be coming home next weekend and we’ll be going to the much-anticipated aquarium.

I love you, Annie Tran 🙂



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